Просмотр полной версии : Parker Poland Cup 2007

Андрей Маслов
21.05.2007, 09:50
Польские товарищи приглашают на Микрокубок.


The International Cabin Boats and Micro Class Championship of Poland - Parker Poland Cup,
BlueRibbon of lake Niegocin in boat classes: Omega Sport, Omega Standard, Delphia 24 S
18-22.07.2007r. lake Niegocin, Giżycko

Organized by:
Stowarzyszenie Mazurskie Centrum Żeglarstwa w Giżycku
Tel./Fax +48 87 428 5697 / +48 87 428 5159, www.gizycko-mcz.pl
Ośrodek Żeglarski LOK Giżycko Tel./Fax +48 87 428 14 08 / +48 87 428 25 30, www.lok-mazury.pl

1. The regatta will be taking place in Gi&;#380;ycko from 18th to 22nd of July 2007. The regatta office will be located at: Ośrodek Żeglarski LOK Giżycko.
2. The regatta will take place according to The Racing Rules of Sailing 2005 – 2008 ISAF, notice of Cabin Boats Poland Cup races (afterwards named PPJK), Measurement Rules of Cabin Boats Formula of PZŻ 2007 (Przepisy Pomiarowe Jednokadłubowych Jachtów Kabinowych Formuła PZŻ 2007), rules of unions and associations of boat’s classes taking part in the races, this notice and sailing instructions.
3. The regatta has a licence of Polish Sailing Association.
4. The regatta will take place in boat classes:
Tl, T2, T3, Omega Sport and
Standard, Skippi 650, Delphia 24 S and not classified in PPJK 2007 ranking: Micro (Proto, Racer and Cruiser division) , Żagle 500 and Sympathy 600. The boat limit in each class, needed for the regatta to be valid is five(5), for Omega and Delphia 24 S class - four(4).
5. Regatta applications will be taking place in the race office on 18th of July, between 4pm and 8pm , as well as on 19th of July between 8 and 12 a.m. Applications may also be delivered by e-mail until 11am on 19th of July. Application forms are available for downloading at www.gizycko-mcz.pl
6. Sailing instructions will be available for participants straight after signing in for the regatta.
7. Sign-in fee is exactly 50 PLN per boat and 20 PLN per each crew member.
8. The protest fee is 100 PLN.
9. Measurments will be taking place from 2pm to 8pm on 18th July and from 8am to 11am on 19th July. The place of measurments is LOK (Giżycko, św.Brunona street) in a hangar. Balance will also be available there, with an additional payment of 30 PLN.
10. Opening ceremony will take place at 1pm on 19th of July in LOK.
11. Start of the first race is scheduled for 3pm on 19th of July.
12. Start of every next race will be announced by the Head of the Race Committee.
13. Every boat taking part in the regatta shall carry visible identification marks.
14. There are 9 (nine) races scheduled. In case of more than 3 (three) races taking place, the worst result will be excluded. With 9 races taking place, two(2) worst results will be excluded.
15. Participants who did not finish any race will not be classified in the final standing.
16. The regatta will be valid only when at least three(3) races will take place.
17. Competition prizes are as follow:
a) all participants receive diplomas
b) participants who finished in the top three receive cups and medals
c) in the “Blue Ribbon” Race, the winners receive the ribbon along with medals, places II-III – cups and medals
18. The regatta category is “C” – paricipants are obliged to place sponosor’s logo stickers and Frans Maas CUP PPJK 2007 stickers on both sides of the boat.
19. Crews taking part in the regatta are obliged to comply with national authorities sailing rules:
a. Ustawa z dnia 21 grudnia 2000 r. o żegludze śródlądowej (Dz.U. nr 5, poz.43 z 2001 r.)
b. Rozporządzenie Rady Ministrów z dnia 6 maja 1997 r. w sprawie określenia warunków bezpieczeństwa osób ... uprawiających sporty wodne.(Dz. U. nr 57, poz.358 z 1997 r.).
c. Rozporządzenie Ministra Infrastruktury z dnia 28 kwietnia 2003 r. w sprawie przepisów żeglugowych na śródlądowych drogach wodnych (Dz. U. nr 212, poz. 2072 z 2003 r.)
d. Rozporządzenie Ministra Sportu z dnia 9.06.2006 w sprawie uprawiania żeglarstwa (Dz. U. nr 105 poz.712 z 2006r.)
e. Zarządzenie Dyrektora Urzędu Żeglugi Śródlądowej w Giżycku z dnia 25.04.2006 r. w sprawie szczegółowych warunków bezpieczeństwa ruchu i postoju statków na śródlądowych drogach wodnych.(Dz. Urz. Województwa Warmińsko – Mazurskiego nr 58, poz. 1107 oraz Woj. Podlaskiego nr 128, poz. 1228 z 2006 roku).
20. Person submitted as a helmsman is obliged to steer the boat him/herself while racing.
21. Application for a change of crew member (on paper) has to be filled in before a race starts. The change is not acceptable for no obvious reasons and is approved by Head of the Race Committee.
22. The number of people on the boat while racing shall be exactly the same as the number submitted for the regatta.
23. Every boat’s crew, participating in the regatta agrees to free of cost usage of its image, name and voice in media for advertising and regatta documentation done by the sponosrs and regatta organizing authority.
24. All participants take part in the regatta for their own risk. The organizing authority will not accept any liability for material damage or personal injury sustained in conjunction with or prior to, during, or after the regatta.
25. Helmsmen of boats participating in the regatta are obliged to have a valid insurance policy (OC). Lack of such an insurance will result in not accepting for the regatta.
26. The regatta is a qualification for the Puchar Polski Jachtów Kabinowych 2007 (Cabin Boats Poland Cup 2007)
Chairman of
Mazurskie Centrum Żeglarstwa Mieczysław Konarzewski
Additional information:
Lodging and meals – in own range.
Port and toilets usage- according to the LOK Port pricelist.
Setting boats offshore with a crane in LOK Port – 50 PLN.