Просмотр полной версии : UsmaCup2008 (Кубок Усмы 2008)

06.05.2008, 23:55
Это http://www.microclass.org/notices/UsmaCup2008.pdf-положение о кубке Усмы 2008.
Вопрос: кто туда собирается? У меня в планах данная поездка значится. После этого Псковская регата. Далее в Польшу.

Андрей Маслов
23.05.2008, 16:18
Информация гражданам отьесжающим на озеро Усмаааа...

Получен номер приглашения для оформления виз в Латвию.
Номер приглашения 105-017702,будет в посольстве во вторник.
Планируемые сроки сдачи документов на визы - вторник, в крайнем случае среда.

Граждане отьесжающие во вторник 5-го вечером : Игрушечка - Полтинник - Приско,
Сибирячка "Катрин" прикатит из Польши самостоятельно.

Андрей Маслов
28.05.2008, 08:06
Получение виз в латвийском консульстве во вторник 3-го мая

Выезд планируется вечером 5-го мая

Коротко положение

Usma Cup 2008
05.06.2008 – 08.06.2008
Notice of race
Organizing authority
The organizing Authority is the Usma Yacht Club (Usma village, district of Ventspils,
Latvia) in cooperation with the Latvian Micro Cupper Class Association and Yachting
Union of Latvia.
The Usma Cup will be governed by:
· Racing Rules of Sailing 2005 – 2008 (RRS)
· Micro Class Rules
· This Notice of Race (NOR),
· The Sailing Instruction (SI)
Classes to Race
Micro class yachts of the Proto, Racers and Cruisers divisions.
Entries and information
Entries shall be made on arrival at the race venue. Competitors and Team Leaders
shall register at the Registration Office at the Usma Yacht Club on Thursday, June 5,
2008 from 12.00 to 20.00. Competitors not registered within this time will not be
entered. Sailing Instructions will be made available after the registration is
completed. For information and advance registration please contact Mr. Marcis Kalnins
by e-mail: marcis.kalnins@cider.lv
Entry fee
EUR 20,00 or LVL 14,00. The entry fee has to be paid in cash in EUR or LVL at the
Registration Office at the Usma Yacht Club.
Schedule of race
Practice race will be on Thursday, June 5, 2008 at 18.00 local time.
First start will be on Friday, June 6, 2008 at 10.00 local time. Last start – no later than
Sunday, June 8, 2008 at 15.00 local time. Eleven races are planned. Three races will
constitute a valid series.
Usma Cup shall rank as Category C (RRS Appendix 1 Regulation 20). The forward part
of the hull on each side of all participating boats in an event shall only display
advertising chosen and required to be displayed by the Race sponsor and organizers
(RRS Appendix 1 Regulation 20.3.1 (d) (I) will be applied).
Each competitor is solely responsible that his boat will be so presented to comply with
the International Micro Class rules. The Organizing Authority reserves the right to
conduct measurement checks before, during or after the races. Failures may be
penalized with DSQ without a hearing.
Sail Numbers
Boats shall use the approved National Code Letters in their sails as required by RRS
77 and Appendix G.
There will be short distance courses and long distance course.
Scoring system
Low-Point System will be applied.
RRS Appendix N will be applied. 720O Turns Penalty will be applied (RRS Regulation
44.2) It is also required to display a red flag according to RRS 61.1. (a). This changes
RRS 61.1. (a)(2).
There will be a general ranking. Additional rankings for the Racers and Cruisers
divisions will be extracted.
Prizes will be awarded to crews finishing first, second and third in the general ranking.
Requests for accommodation send by e-mail: usma@usma.lv
Liability and insurance
Competitors participate in the Usma Cup entirely at their own risk. The Organizing
Authority cannot be held liable for personal or material damage, injury or death,
sustained in conjunction with, prior to, during or after the Usma Cup.
Social events
Social event will be offered for each competitor

10.06.2008, 12:50
Шокирующие результаты Усмы ???


11.06.2008, 11:02
а LAT 77 это ж RUS 77?
как так получилось что стал ЛАТ? :)
и что еще шокирующего?

11.06.2008, 11:29
На 77 был латвийский экипаж, вот и стал лат.
Шокируют результаты-впереди Приско и многих других несколько круизеров и рейсеров, рез-т Полтинника озадачил ???

11.06.2008, 11:37
пришло письмо от А.Маслова: данные результаты не верные все это ошибка. ждем новых.