Сейчас формируется европейский календарь Микро на 2010 год. Вот запрос от Филлипа.


The dates for the World Championhip 2010 in Quiberon are 16-24/08

In order to prepare the Euro-Micro calendar, you are invited to send me your draft calendars for 2010, it means the dates and venue for Euro-Micro regatta, other regatas to be considered as international and other national regattas

A provisional calendar will be published in October.

Some guidelines...
NO international regatta in the period 12-28/08/10 (World Championship + 4 travel days at each end)
try to pair regattas when the distance is less than 1/2 day driving (Plobsheim (not EM) with German EM, French championship then Belgian Championship, Usma and Pskov).
Avoid national regattas in conflict with an Euro-Micro regatta within 1 day driving distance
Avoid conflicting dates for national regattas (in 2009, same dates for FRA (Madine), GER (Mittersheim), BEL (Liege))
Other dates: Belgian Cup is scheduled 22-24/05
Micr'Eau d'Heure is scheduled 16-17/10



Какие регаты кроме традиционных - ЧР(Екатеринбург), Open Moscow (Москва), Pskov Cup, Volga Cup (BBP), что ещё имеет смысл добавить ?