Коллега Коршунов получил приглашение, но оно несколько усеченное:..." Приглашение прислали чётко на даты чемпионата, и что странно поленились вбить туда паспортные данные, только имена/фамилии. По такому визу наверное получить не получится...." Поэтому пишем оргам следующий текст:
" Good evening, dear Peter!
We have applied for participation in the World Championship.
We have two questions:
1. Can we pay the participation fee (200 euros) in Slovakia, as stated in the Regulations on participation in competitions ?? Если надо вам и вы не оплатили заранее
2. At our main participant, the owner of the boat,
no visa. We ask you to make an invitation in the name of ФИО. Passport 0000000000 year of birth 00/07/1901
passport issued by FMS 00000, the date of expiry of the passport 00.04.22150.
Also, the Embassy of Slovakia in Moscow requires that the Invitation state that
The organizers of the World Championship provide accommodation for the athlete on the territory of the yacht club hosting the competition.
Our booking system Bucking.com they refuse to accept. But, we have booking our accommodation and have already made an advance payment.
We hope for understanding and look forward to the invitation.
and the answer to our question.
Best regards, ФИОl