Из Нидерландов пришёл вопрос. Ну, знатоки Рикошета, ответьте голландскому яхтсмену!

Я отправлю ему адрес зеркала сайта на английском яхыке.
Но если есть возможность дайте ответ на немецком.


I am restoring a ricochet 5.5 from the Spray boatyard, and I have a question about the detail in the circle of the picture.
It seems that there is a spanner like object linked to the pivoting axle of the rudder.
Does anyone of you know what it is, and what it does?
I already asked in belgium, but no luck there. They have no Ricochets in the registered fleet, and could not answer my question.
I turn to you, because the boat on the picture is similar to mine and russian build as far as I know, so there might perhaps be similar boats in your fleet.
Thank you very much for answering (in german is ok too)
kind regards,
Paul van Soelen,
Andijk the Netherlands