Вести с верфей

Латвийские любители Микро ставят в серийное производство проект Дотан, котрый теперь получил марку «БобСейл»хозяин марки Guntis Osis на фотографии справа около вант. Подродности сообщает сам Гунтис, вот они:

Dear sailors,  
I have the pleasure in making the announcement that according to company’s successful season it has changed its owner and it is decided that company name “Dotan Micro” shall be changed to “B.D.G. Micro” as of 10th November, 2005. In accordance with such modifications company will also renew its brand identity as  “BobSail” aiming to simplify its recognition.
“B.D.G.” is a commpany based on construction and design that is working  in Latvia as project developpers and consultants for 13 years now. Since the owner of the company Guntis Osis is the winner of the bronze medal in Calgary Olimpic Games  in bobsleigh at 1988 the expirience in sledge building technology is now succesfully used in the development and building of yachts.
There have been made some recension in building technology and methods. After careful in-depth studyresearch some improvements in hull design and rigging have been included. It is also decided that there will be two main types of cockpit – comfortable and for raceing. The same as new ruuder sistem has been made with one reinforced rudder blade with improved hidrodinamical charasterictics. All boats will be made with fixed or lifting keel.Attention must be paid that BobSail design holds the authority of the original sample.
For costumers’ confidence-
Every part of the boat is made from the materials that are certified by Lloyds Register an accepted by EU. Hulls are made from Poliester, Vinilester and Epoxy with vacum technology. Yachts are built according to IMCCA rules. Yachts are equiped with carbon mast, boom, spinakker boom, spreaders and rudder extender.
For further inquiry, please contact:
Guntis Osis
BobSail price list
Hull with windows, hatch, rudder and lifting keel – 7800 eur
Other equipment — by inquiry.